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Empathy in treatment

Mikes patients have ranged from young competition athletes to older patients with all the conditions that can result from general wear and tear.

As a consequence of this experience Mike has developed a natural empathy and understanding of what people need from his services.

What our clients say

Don’t take our word for it!… Here you can find all testimonials from our valued clients. All are available on request.

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 Started with some low back pain and shooting pains down my leg. My job is sitting most of the day as a HGV driver. I saw Mike for just one session and he also gave me some exercises to help with my posture. After this session, I am no longer suffering from any pain. I would certainly visit Mike again sooner if I start again with any pain.


 Mike is a very thorough and competent Osteopath who has gained my complete trust. Having seen a variety of different Osteopaths over many years with my back problems I can honestly say that he is one of the best. He not only fixes me but also explains the problem, which to be honest had never happened before. I now have a regime of exercises to follow to keep out of trouble and continue to see him regularly for essential ‘back maintenance. Thanks Mike!


 Over the past year I’ve been having quite a few problems with trapped nerves in my back due to the job I’m in, having been to hospitals and physiotherapy and finding no relief I decided to give M J Doyle Osteopathy treatment a go, having been in bed in excruciating pain unable to move or turn even to go to the toilet with a trapped nerve in my lower back. I rang Mike made an appointment, he came to see me the next day, the pain relief after the first session coupled with some exercises Mike gave me helped my mobility and after 3-4 sessions had released my trapped nerve, something that just wasnt happening via the NHS. Mike was professional and positive about his work and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone, regards Keith.

Keith, BURY

 I went to see Mike after a road traffic accident January 2014. After a indepth consultation and examination a treatment plan was set up to relieve my neck,back pain and loss of sensation in my arm and hand. I was suffering with constant headaches, after my first session they subsided I had 3 further sessions which set me on the road to recovery. I now have maintenance treatments every 2 months. Mike has excellent knowledge of the human body and delivers his treatments without force enabling your body to feel normal again. I would highly recommend Mike and have done, as he treats several of my family and friends.


 I first made an appointment to see Mike due to persistent and increasing pain in my lower back. Initially, I was apprehensive, I had very little knowledge of Osteopathy and what the treatment would entail. However, Mike was extremely professional and thorough, he took time to explain the possible causes of my discomfort, what treatment he recommended for me and the effect it was going to have. During the treatment, Mike made me feel relaxed, the treatment was non- invasive, Mike was reassuring throughout and my back pain improved considerably. Mike has also treated my husband who was suffering considerable pain due to a golfing injury, within only a few hours of me ringing him to ask for an appointment he came to our house. The treatment and expert after care advice he gave has since led to my husband making a full recovery.

I have since continued to see Mike on a regular basis to ensure the care of my back. Mike has an obvious passion for Osteopathy and for the well being of his patients. He has gained my complete trust, I leave each and every appointment feeling amazing and would recommend him to absolutely anyone!


 I have engaged the services of Mike Doyle on several occasions for a couple of different problems.

Mike has always given a very professional service, providing relief of the problem and giving advice on how to manage the symptoms and avoid re-occurrence. He spent time with my initial consultation, asking detailed questions in order to offer the right treatment. He always made me feel at ease, and took care to preserve my dignity throughout.

Mike offers a variety of options to deliver the treatment and is flexible in providing appointment times to suit the needs of his individual clients.

I have recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so. Having used the services of other osteopaths I have always felt that I have had good value for money with Mike



 I have known Mike for four years now, and he has been both my yoga teacher and Osteopath. During this time, he has proved not only to be a true teacher, but a reliable, trustworthy and therapeutic practitioner, whom I would happily recommend to anyone requiring treatment.


 I have visited Mike several times after being recommended by a friend. I have had treatments for neck and groin pain which he resolved after only a couple of treatments, he has also treated my wifes neck problem successfully. I really cant speak highly enough of the service he provides. Thoroughly recommended.

Michael, BOLTON

 I would like to thank you Mike for the treatment received to relieve the pain in my neck and shoulder due to a crack at the base of my neck, this treatment has proved invaluable and has made a considerable difference, Also for my leg pain! One treatment and a couple of days rest the pain was gone, it has also thankfully helped massively reduce the onset of my acute migraines.


 After several treatments with Mike my condition was much improved. I have found him to be helpful and professional and would highly recommend him. My father has also benefited from regular sessions and can’t praise him enough for his care and treatment.


When I was diagnosed with spondylitis in my upper back some three years ago, it was important to support my medication with exercises to increase the flexibility in my back and neck and avoid further deterioration in stiffness and restricted movement.

Having initially started doing yoga once a week with Mike, I extended the session to include manipulation of my back and neck when I found out that Mike was also a qualified osteopath.

The benefits for me have been, not only to avoid further deterioration but also, to improve the movement in my back and particularly neck where the range of movement has improved. Being less stiff and able to turn my head and my upper body has enabled me to be more active than I was able to do before starting yoga and osteopathy with Mike.

Whilst medication will help reduce inflammation in my back and neck, Mike’s work as a yoga teacher and osteopath has direct and beneficial impact on improving my movement and flexibility, and enabling me to lead a more active lifestyle than would otherwise be the case. 

John, BURY

 After having developed chronic hamstring and sciatica type injuries I was struggling with constant pain which affected my sleep and everyday life, not to mention exercising. Further to recommendation I went to Mike Doyle at Body Nurture, desperately hoping that he could help. I have found Mike to be very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. His techniques are varied and he explains everything. I have exercises to follow which I feel are assisting in my recovery & helping to avoid future injuries. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thank you Mike.

Michelle, BOLTON

 Since receiving regular treatment from you I now find that I rarely need any painkillers. I am able to carry on with normal life pain free. I would recommend to anyone in my circumstances.


By law in order to practice within the UK Osteopaths must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council who are the regulating body for the practice of Osteopathy in the United Kingdom.