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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you can find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, or just need some help and advice then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Contat us at our bolton osteopath clinic to and see how we can help you.

•    Back and neck pain – Often caused by time at the computer, driving, manual jobs, trauma such as falls, stress or postural problems.

•    Whiplash – This is very common after unexpected sudden movements such as sneezing or even minor road accidents. A patient can be in some pain immediately after the injury, but a whiplash will often progress over the following weeks and months, and the effects of a whiplash injury can last indefinitely if untreated.

•    Shoulder problems – These may be due to sports injuries or computer use, or they may be related to ageing.

•    Hip and knee injuries – Osteopaths commonly treat patients with sports injuries affecting these joints such as patellofemoral pain or “runners’ knee” and the elderly suffering with problems associated with degenerative change.

•    The pain of arthritis – Osteoarthritis, or wear and tear of joints, cannot be reversed but Osteopathy can help minimise the pain and maximise function of the affected area. This is particularly beneficial to hips, knees and the spine.

When you choose to visit an Osteopath for the first time your initial consultation will include a detailed case history past and present of your symptoms being taken followed by a thorough postural and bio mechanical assessment and examination of the tissues structures involved.

You will normally be asked to remove some of your clothing and to perform a simple series of movements of the structures involved for example your neck or arm.
The Osteopath may need additional investigations to be performed by other healthcare professionals such as MRI scans, X-ray’s or blood tests allowing a correct diagnosis and suitable treatment plan to be developed for you.

Approaches will vary from individual Osteopaths regarding the mode of treatment they feel best for you and will include massage, mobilization, Osteopathic manipulation and other soft tissue techniques to improve overall movement and function.

Exercise programs are prescribed for rehabilitation and are a very important aspect of Osteopathic treatment.

Osteopathy is patient centered which means treatment is geared to the individual and no two patients will respond the exact same way to treatment for the same condition.
A conservative average would be between 4-6 sessions although long term chronic conditions may need ongoing maintenance.

A formal referral from your GP is not necessary; the majority of Osteopathic patients self-refer.

Many private health insurance schemes give benefit for Osteopathic treatment reimbursing the total fee or paying a percentage of the costs.

As a healthcare professional all information given during the treatment is strictly confidential. Any sharing of a patient’s information between healthcare professionals requires the patients’ written consent/permission.

Some of the techniques employed by Osteopaths may occasionally cause mild discomfort during their application but good communication between the patient and Osteopath should prevent any unnecessary pain being experienced.

Occasionally patients may experience exaggeration of their symptoms for a brief period, usually no longer than 24-48 hours. Patients are encouraged to contact their Osteopath or GP if the pain symptoms do not improve within this time.

Based on feedback from patients that have had chiropractic treatments the main difference reported is that Osteopaths use more soft tissue and joint stretching techniques and allow more time per treatment session.

Helps restore balance to the body naturally and promote/optimise self healing
Helps reduce consumption of potentially harmful painkilling medication
Helps break the pain cycle
Quick easy access to an appointment and accurate diagnosis of your problem/condition.
Hands on care without electrical equipment

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